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"Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle... who subdues people under me." - Psalms 144:1-3

Friday, April 03, 2009

What is Jeet Kune Do?

Watch this for the best explanation on What Is Jeet Kune Do:

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Injured, yet AGAIN!

For all of you who havent seen me in ages, I have basically been working on my jitsu and wrestling. Yup I have taken up wrestling and I will stay committed to this for a long while to improve on my takedowns. Unfortunately, I got injured again.

AGAIN?! you say?

Yes. This time I got an AC Joint dislocation and that really sucks big time. Its a time based recovery injury and I pretty much cant do anything right now. My range of motion was affected over the past few weeks but I am slowly gaining more everyday. Sadly, my strength is still ZERO.

Anyway, Merry Christmas Everybody!

P.S Santa, if you're reading this can you please give me a new Shoulder? I really have been a good boy all year...

Friday, August 15, 2008

The Truth.

"Truth is not determined by a majority vote" - Cardinal Ratzinger

I guess thats why I do JKD.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jeet Kune Do - The Perfect Description

The perfect description of what training in JKD is:

'Learn the principle, abide by the principle, and dissolve the principle. In short, enter a mold without being caged in it.' - Bruce Lee

Friday, May 30, 2008

Whats up?

Ever since my last post in June 07, I've not updated my blog whatsoever.

NS really takes your life away. Right now im only able to type away because my ankle is stuck in a cast. Basically what happened was that I went for my ankle realignment surgery to fix my loose ankle that has been giving me problems all these years. So what have I been up to? Have I been training the past year you ask me?

Training sessions since June 07 : Less than 30 times.

Seminars attended since june 07: Makoto BJJ seminar (Brown Belt from japan)

Overseas Army Exercises: 2 times. Whole of January and Whole of April.

So what exactly have I been busy with in my free time? :
1. Girlfriend and 2. Taking ZEAL FightGear to Greater Heights.

As you all probably already know, ZEAL FightGear has been pretty active all year long with Sponsorship of Events and consigning our Equipment and Grapple Gi's at various places in Singapore. Check out http://www.zealfightgear.com/ and http://zealfightgear.blogspot.com/ for more info.

Talking business is boring. I shall stop at that.

More about my foot. I underwent a Brostrum Gould Surgery (look it upon google) and another surgery which basically was to have a lil portion of my heel bone sawed off so that my foot alignment will be flat and i would be less prone to injury.

Before I gross u out I shall stop at that too.

There u go,

Posting for June 07 - April 08.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Recent happenings: John Will Machado Seminar and all...

Participants at John Will's Seminar

Ive been pretty inactive lately havent I? Let me tell you what I have been busy with these days...

Nothing much. Swim, Gym, Eat Ice Cream all day. What else can I do when my whole world's falling apart? Just kidding just my freedom taken away on the next FRIDAY THE 13TH. My head shall be bald and I shall embark on a new boring life. Hope I just get time out of camp for training and social life and I will be a HAPPY MAN!

Anyway, as the title says... yup I was at John Will Machado's RECENT SEMINAR IN SINGAPORE! LEARNT ALOT. All I can say, if I do ever want to take up BJJ it better be under John Will Down Under! He is the most systematic, complete teacher I have ever seen at least in terms of Grappling anyway.

It seemed to me during the seminar that there was nothing I could ask that he would not be confident of answering!

Top 10 Magic Unforgettable take aways from the seminar:

#1 - Always break posture of opponent in your guard.

#2 - Always go for 1 underhook 1st in 1/2guard.

#3 - All is FAR from lost in the 1/2guard

#4 - The koala bear 1/2guard sweep kicks ass!

#5 - The X-guard and its purpose

#6 - How to use the "big step" to set up the X-Guard.

#7 - UBER KEWL "shin kick take the back technique" from X-guard

#8 - How to do a proper armdrag

#9 - Watching John Will in action and how uber fast and just how good he is.

#10 - Of course as always, Photo with John Will. =P

There you go, picture evidence!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hong Kong Trip: Sifu Ted Wong's 12th HK Seminar

IJKD with Sifu Ted Wong
Seminar Participants
Ted Wong and me LOL @ BL pose!

Recently, ive been cross-training in MT(for conditioning) and doing more MMA with the TF group on Wed nites. I have also been watching many videos of strikers such as Mike Zambidis and buakaw that I started losing confidence in the 'footwork-comes-first' approach to fighting alas, JKD)

As I was losing my focus, my actions became less and less, JKD-like. My Straightlead had become so rusty(due to its unnatural structure) that I had trouble generating power on the bag and I did not feel as comfortable throwing it in sparring as I would have in the past.

However, this latest trip to HK which roughly cost me ($1k) has renewed my confidence in JKD once again as I got to personally witness Sifu Ted Wong throwing straightleads(he puts in no effort but probably hits harder than anyone I know even at 67yrs old!) as well as correcting and answering most of my questions pertaining to JKD.

I really renewed my memory in regards to why I started doing JKD(and stuck to doing it) reason being: the most simple, direct, economical and no-nonsense approach to fighting.

Despite the many chances and opportunities to join other Good schools(MMA,BJJ,MT) when Sifu Mark Stewart left Singapore to come back only 2weeks every month I stuck with it only incorporating MT for the conditioning.

Witnessing Sifu Ted Wong(67yrs old) throw my friend(over 90kg) across the room with the '1-inch punch' effortlessly sold me a 2nd time to JKD.

Having attended this seminar, I am now confident and positive of re-looking into my course of training and make adjustments in order to put JKD 1st in line as I used to do in the past once again.

I am proud to say that I have found my direction in Martial Arts once again: Mastering The Straight Lead and doing JKD as my core focus.

Last but not least,