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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hong Kong Trip: Sifu Ted Wong's 12th HK Seminar

IJKD with Sifu Ted Wong
Seminar Participants
Ted Wong and me LOL @ BL pose!

Recently, ive been cross-training in MT(for conditioning) and doing more MMA with the TF group on Wed nites. I have also been watching many videos of strikers such as Mike Zambidis and buakaw that I started losing confidence in the 'footwork-comes-first' approach to fighting alas, JKD)

As I was losing my focus, my actions became less and less, JKD-like. My Straightlead had become so rusty(due to its unnatural structure) that I had trouble generating power on the bag and I did not feel as comfortable throwing it in sparring as I would have in the past.

However, this latest trip to HK which roughly cost me ($1k) has renewed my confidence in JKD once again as I got to personally witness Sifu Ted Wong throwing straightleads(he puts in no effort but probably hits harder than anyone I know even at 67yrs old!) as well as correcting and answering most of my questions pertaining to JKD.

I really renewed my memory in regards to why I started doing JKD(and stuck to doing it) reason being: the most simple, direct, economical and no-nonsense approach to fighting.

Despite the many chances and opportunities to join other Good schools(MMA,BJJ,MT) when Sifu Mark Stewart left Singapore to come back only 2weeks every month I stuck with it only incorporating MT for the conditioning.

Witnessing Sifu Ted Wong(67yrs old) throw my friend(over 90kg) across the room with the '1-inch punch' effortlessly sold me a 2nd time to JKD.

Having attended this seminar, I am now confident and positive of re-looking into my course of training and make adjustments in order to put JKD 1st in line as I used to do in the past once again.

I am proud to say that I have found my direction in Martial Arts once again: Mastering The Straight Lead and doing JKD as my core focus.

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