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"Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle... who subdues people under me." - Psalms 144:1-3

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

'The Hayemaker'

Yeah, you guessed it Ive been training the past 2 days once again.

Recently, I chanced upon this boxer by the name of David 'The Hayemaker' Haye 14-1 Pro boxing record. His style is very jkd like except that he uses an orthodox stance rather than a southpaw. He is really "THE TECHNICIAN" and his speed and reaction time is really godly. This really once again proves to me the effectiveness of JKD even though David Haye is not a JKD person, just someone who fights JKD style.


Click here to see for yourself on YouTube.

Today I had my first official _____ sparring session. All I can say is that I learnt alot from this session and I really gotta work on my stamina and conditioning as much as I can. I will also have to work on my 'in-fighting' as I have a bad habit of not being able to fight well from 'inside' and inability to use my 'hook-punch' which ironically is my favourite and power punch as compared to the rest.

Will have to work on it, thanks Sing for offering to help me during this crucial point of time.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Chiong ahhh!

Wow 10days since I last posted. So what have I been doing over the past 10days... I'll just go through the more important events that have happened(nothing much changed).



Incase you guys don't know what KOTC is, it stands for King Of The Cage 1 of the more well known MMA tournaments, just behind the UFC, PRIDE and the newly formed WFA. Visit www.kingofthecage.com for more details ;) .

Ok back to my boring life, this is what I have been doing:
I concentrated on training in JKD and boxing and I have seen my skipping improve tremendously. Last time at best was 30 skips at a go, now 30skips is a very low average and I usually go above that. I learnt quite alot over the past 10 days, but yeah I still have pussy punches.

I learnt how to throw a proper uppercut only today and am working on power generation for my straight(pussy) punches.

Anyway, I am damn excited! My darling and 1 of her close friends frm RP gonna start kickboxing at the gym im currently training at. I have mixed feelings though I am happy I get to see her more often now but becos she is already as violent as she can get and learning how to punch properly... erm well, not exactly beneficial to me I guess. LOL.

I have also confirmed my participation in the _______ tournament at Fitness Asia 2006 and my bout is scheduled on either the 8th/9th/10th or 11th.

Thats 2weeks away from now so gonna have to eat well train well and yea, sleep well..... signing off.....


Thursday, August 17, 2006

2nd week of the come back

Hey guys, havent posted much this week. Well basically im starting my boring schedule and working to fit in some sport specific resistance training on my free days/nights so suggestions are welcome yea?

Today I shall talk about what I changed in my weekly training schedule and also the latest happenings in my training.

Basically, I have added an extra training slot of "High performance kickboxing" to my Monday Training slot which means I now have a 2 trainings back to back from 7-9pm on Monday. In the near future, it will be increased to 3trainings back to back on just Monday alone but I shall reveal nothing about the 3rd training session which is highly confidential ;) . I wonder how I will be able to cope but then im still young and should push as far as I can go. Just gotta eat well rest well I guess.

So basically, in today's post I shall talk about the "High performance kickboxing" class.
I attended my first session on Monday as I ended school on time and reached Toa Payoh Safra early. I actually did not have the intention of joining in the class but to take a look at what was being done during the lesson.

So I opened the door, low and behold I saw a new face! His name is Alvin. Alvin was a sanda fighter at his peak from 15years ago and just got back into training recently and was in search of a school to practise at as his association no longer offers sanda lessons. Even after being out of action for 10years, Alvin(at 30+ age) still packs a mean punch and still has more gas as compared to "young,energetic" me. Perhaps he is using a 3.0litre or a 2.0 litre tank in his body while im still on the pathetic 1.0(or less) litre tank in my body. Sifu Mark on seeing me, asked me to join in the class as Alvin was the only student for the class and would do better having a partner. Since I figured I might as well spend the time wisely and get some training time in, I agreed and joined in.

Before going on to going through what we did during the session, let me first tell you what the 'High Performance Kickboxing'(HPKB in short) class is all about:

From Sifu's own mouth, HPKB is basically "JinMei" Muay Thai loosely translated to "Chinese-American" Kickboxing which uses JKD tactics and strategy using Muay Thai rules.

To be more precise, it is more of an 'in-fighting' method rather than an 'out-fighting' method which I have been used to while training in the JKD class for approximately a year now.(In case you guys don't know, 'in-fighting' refers to close range while 'out-fighting' refers to long range.) In the HPKB classs, it was generally using the middle and close range tactics in JKD combined with lots of close-ranged evasive, padwork drilling and conditioning as compared to the JKD class which mainly comprises of long-ranged padwork drilling and tactics learning. In other words as the name implies, high-performance and very physically demanding.

Now back to the routine done at the HPKB class:

Basically being the 1st lesson Alvin and I worked only on stances, footwork, padwork punching and the good old 'bob and weave' . The intensity of this class made my hands pretty sore and towards the end of the roughly 2minute round of padwork punching, I could feel my already pussy punches grow weaker and weaker with each punch. Although throughout the whole session all we did were just drills such as 'bob and weave' followed by hook and cross combinations.

Although this is not much of a description of the quality of the class, all I can say is that if you are currently doing JKD you should join in too if you have the chance as it is not a seperate art from JKD but can just be treated as 'additional' JKD training on the 'in-fighting' methods which are seldom emphasised on during the usual JKD class.


Went down to Combat Academy for my 2nd session, today I was introduced to bagwork which is even more of a killer than padwork. I realised that practice DOES pay off. My clumsy and discouraging attempts at skipping at home proved useful when I was asked to do skipping and did not fare too badly as before. I also found out more about shadow boxing on how to throw punches properly from the instructor, Sascha. Although I feel that I did badly in yesterday's session, upon approaching Kadir(my trainer) asking for tips on what areas I could improve on, he just mentioned that I was doing ok, was making improvement and was definitely better than last week.

Even after hearing those encouraging comments(thanks friends), I still do know that I suck and have a long way to go before I can be considered as of an acceptable standard even for an amateur boxer. This session especially during the bagwork and padwork enlightened me on the importance of having power in punches and highlighted to me VERY OBVIOUSLY that that was what I was lacking badly. I still have some doubts and questions to ask Sifu in regards to padwork and evasions. If only I could contact him on the phone...

P.S had a long rest day today... will blog about it tomorrow as I do have the habit of posting 1 day late. Need the rest, Judo and gym training tomorrow. gdnite.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Quotes for the day...

"Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero." -
Seize the day, put no trust in tomorrow.


"Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle... who subdues people under me." - Psalms 144:1-3

Friday, August 11, 2006

The past 2 days of my life..

Oh well... its been 2days since i posted, to whoever can be considered my avid reader(i think none lol.) sorry this is what happened in my martial life the past 2days...

Wednesday training AKA JKD training AKA National Day. Well I promised my family i'll spend the day with them and I did! What a filial boy aint I(sadly we used to spend the whole day and night together)...

So anyway during JKD I approached Sifu regarding my questions and doubts that I had during the boxing lesson I had on tuesday(incase you're wondering since when I started boxing...pls see the below thread for boxing) . Oh yes, I managed to clarify all my doubts and questions with Sifu.

Lets see what questions I asked Sifu:

Qns: Sifu, how do I practise JKD on boxing padwork it seems almost impossible since in JKD the goal is to stop the opponent(if possible) at the very first punch. Since we don't have the 'fast' combinations and we don't have a 'jab punch' how do we as a JKD person actually do fast padwork?

Ans: Exactly, we cant. Fast padwork designed by boxing IS meant for boxing. So what you can actually do is just do what they ask you to do but use JKD wherever possible(vertical/diagonal instead of horizonal jab) . Since the benefits of boxing in your case would be to develop the fighting stamina and strength.

Qns: Sifu, what about footwork I noticed I cant use distance training since we are required to be directly infront of the pads?

Ans: Exactly, you were supposed to be doing it from the 'In-fighting stance'.

So well, that is what went on during our conversation. I guess that the benefits of boxing would let me increase level(lol dragonball) leapts and bounds in terms of overall conditioning/stamina building and power building however I will have to be careful not to accidentally change my style or habits and then no longer be a 'JKD person' since I would be training in boxing under boxers(not underwear la) and doing what boxers(or thongs =P) would do. Pretty hard eh?

Ok Im done with 1 day now to yesterday's training, Judo.

It has REALLY been a long time since I REALLY trained and this week really killed me suddenly leaping from 0 training back to 'when I was close to my peak training'. My muscles absolutely cannot take it and that was proven when I woke up yesterday all sore and shagged out(and I did remember to take my fail-proof supplements) and thinking whether I should go to Katong Judo or not,which for a period of time was the 'most tiring training I ever attended' but I figured if I dont start now, I will never start so I just went anyway. See how far I can push my limits!

So yes, I attended the training and yes, I officially 'died to resurrect just to die' once again. I cant feel my forearms, my upper lats(thanks Mark for that perfect description of the muscle we couldnt figure describe lol), my thighs feel numb and yes my shoulders are still sore from Tuesday.

I realised how much technique I have lost from 'lack of practise the past whole month'. It so bad that im practically left with The guard(in grappling lol Lay and Pray) and Morote Seoinage(Standup). So bad that even my Sensei mentioned Im no good. Don't worry I will train hard once again and not let anyone or myself down.

Here is the 1 phrase that has motivated me to go on whenever I cannot make it already.
The Indomitable Warrior Spirit - 'Bushi Damashi' and also the meaning of my name which is †God is my strength!†

Hope they may work on you too.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

JKD boxing killed me last night...

As above,
Went for my 1st boxing session last night. Thanks to Sascha and Kadir for allowing me to train there and of course Sifu Mark for hooking me up to train there.

Last night 's session killed me(and both my shoulders) and I have problems typing this blogpost because my hands just go zezezezezezeze shakkkkkkkeeee.. Really gained alot out of training last night and let me understand why boxing is such an effective conditioning art.

Heres what I did last night(approximately) and I hear thats just what beginners like me do:

3rds of 2min Shadow boxing(1min break in between)
3rds of 2min padwork(1min break in between) - died sometime in between doing this
3rds of 2min shadow boxing(1min break in between)
3rds of 2min skipping(1min break in between)
3rds of 2min padwork(1min break in between)

Missed out on the Bagwork(thankfully) due to my pior wrist injury acting up again. Would have probably died and resurrected just to die again if I did continue. LOL.

Anyway here are my thoughts about last night's session:

Although, I was supposed to do the padwork 'JKD style' it was pretty hard to do so with someone who does not have pior experience in JKD and we had our little disagreements here and there. Fear NOT! 'Fat boy GabE' will ask Sifu how a 'JKD' person should drill tonight! I also have some questions regarding footwork that will be clarified tonight.
Lets just see how things go....zezezezeze shakekkkkkkeeeeee...

Oh yes btw, Fat Boy Gabe shed some fats last night......until he whacked the big bowl of 'chicken claypot rice' late at night. haha.

Havent seen 'darling' since Monday... I cant help but wonder what and how shes doing now heard she puked from eating too much yesterday. Cant wait to see her on our special date this Friday. Miss you darling, muackz.

flubbering out... zezezezeezzee shakkekeeeeeeeeee

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fat boy GabE

Im so sad, ouch. I've been complaining that im growing out of shape and fat. When i sit down at home(without a top on) I see that round flubby thing that tagged around with me for many years before I disowned him a few years back. I know Ive been bitching around alot about this lately but some people are just too straight forward to say something nice. LOL.

Heres an abstract from my conversation with Mel 'Judo Ger' Loh:

GabE`- †God is my strength!† I AM ALIVE!!!!! says:
im in damn bad shape now
MaLingShu- who cares, lets rock, coz the party don't stop. says:
MaLingShu- who cares, lets rock, coz the party don't stop. says:
MaLingShu- who cares, lets rock, coz the party don't stop. says:
u r fat
MaLingShu- who cares, lets rock, coz the party don't stop. says:
no shape at all
MaLingShu- who cares, lets rock, coz the party don't stop. says:
yr muscules gone

Anyway, fret not Fat boy GabE is determined(and now even more determined thanks to mel) to lose weight and will be attending his first boxing lesson tonight. Lets see how juggling fats go tonight. =/

Monday, August 07, 2006

Judo and the lil monster wars

I missed it out in last night's post.. haha looks like my posts will lag by 1 day from now on =P

Yesterday, my close friend and 1st foreign Judo Sensei 'Koseki-san' took part in the Singapore National Judo Championships and achieved the Second place. I feel though, that he should have been given another 'go' at the Gold due to having the same number of Points as his competitor

Even with the number of injuries on his left arm(Thanks to the previous submission grappling competition and NS reservice) he still managed to claim the Silver medal(though not exactly the way he would have wanted to win)

Well, theres a drawback- He had to join the SJF under another club(more glory for others lol) just so that he was eligible to compete.

Judo politics AKA lil Monster Wars
At Macro level - Have to be affiliated to SJF to be recognised at all(which is unfortunately made hard by SJF)

At Micro level - Within individual clubs, fighting for power(YET AGAIN!)

damn... whats with all these politics everywhere?

I solemnly(and sadly) conclude that Skill is no longer the main emphasis of Martial Arts in Singapore but Political influence/Clout. The more clout you have, the further you will go. If not you will just be stuck in your own hell hole.

Thus... I have decided that I want to train and do things my way with people who are truly serious about Martial Art skills and NOT pussy Politicians.

Despite what others say, RECOGNITION,AFFILIATION(and anything along that line) IS NOT AT ALL IMPORTANT TO ME.

I just want to train hard and be satisfied.... *sob sob* ='(
SOB NOT! hahahahahaha

Anyway, I was watching the Judo lightweight matches and caught a friend of mine in action.Lets just call him MC. He had insane speed and really explosive and fast reaction. When asked about it, he tells me the following "My opponent is damn fast, so I have to be faster". Woah. What respectable mentality he has down there.

Sensei congrats on winning. You'll do better in 3weeks time at Pesta Sukan a great debut tournament for you. "Sensei Ni Rei!"

Anyway, I learnt a new word from these few days watching and watching(no training :P) ponder over it.


Today's programme was brought to you by the letter S. .......

Sunday, August 06, 2006

My BORING personal life lor...

People complaining about me always article here article there... "no life meh?"

Ok, heres whats going on in my peronal life.
Well, its been 2 days since my last post... alot happened and I realised what a MORON I am. Over the past 18++yrs of my life. I have trusted people again and again, been ripped off... here and there believed in people who time and again disappointed me. I have learnt the following "Never trust someone other than your closest people and YOURSELF" . Also take note that the 'closest people' around you may be those who may harm you in the end. I have learnt to trust only myself, a few buddies and of course my darling xinxin.

Ok im gonna start my post now:

Anyway, alot of things cannot say.

- The End -

hahahahahahahha just kidding...

Me ah? Just got off my lazy butt and started training again... went clubbing last night managed to "Grind with guys ONLY" dont talk about it anymore very sad case.A few months no club, club only kana this kind of shit. LOL. Oh ya, met up wif Gorgeous Team RP Judo Captain Melissa AKA "JUDO GER" there. Wow no wonder you're a guy magnet over there haha *winks*(I dont mean its because 80% guys 20% gals though...incase you wonder)
Thank God I got prove to show darling that I wasnt fooling around with girls....

Are you ready yet?

Well Heres the pic of our fat boys and 2 skinny dude's night out.


Okay, thats all.

- The End -

What? Think im kidding? Really lah no more. Goodnight. Want more? Be sure to read on below for my article on 'The Straight Lead' .

Back to the pushups for me....

The Straight Lead

Hi guys, I have decided to cut this post into 2 parts - 1 about my personal life and this as a sole article so as to please everyone.

Well, in today's article I will talk to you about "The Straight Lead". So what inspired me to write about this? Well../I am glad to have found a way to increase resistance to train the power of my weak pussy Straight lead punch. Not to say that I am now "THE ULTIMATE" as some would mistakenly quote me as such.

P.S Forgive me for the bad phrasing of this following article as I do not have the book in my hands and I am too lazy to take it out.(As usual lah Gabe.. want to write about something yet dont have it with you) =P

So I have been doing JKD for some time now however I am no where near good and probably am NOT qualified to talk about this topic. Thus I shall be quoting off (my memory of) the much anticipated(and finally released) JKD book.

"The Straight Lead" by Teri Tom:

(Thanks babe for getting this book for our Special 'Date' love you darling muackz)

Okay enough of the lovey dovey. So how GOOD is GOOD this book is? Lets just say that my Respected instructor, Sifu Mark Stewart(who sure hell packs a punch) proclaims this book as the "ONE AND ONLY JKD BOOK IN EXISTENCE".

All along, I thought of The Straight Lead as an Overrated punch until I saw the power fired by my Sifu and some videos downloaded(legally?). This is what lead me to be so obsessed with The Straight Lead that i went 'gaga' over finding methods to master it. When I finally found out and acquired the book(thanks again darling.. love you lots =X)

From reading the book, I gained much that I have not known about The Straight Lead and what made it the Trademark punch of JKD.

So whats so special about The Straight Lead Punch as compared to an Orthodox cross or a hook thrown by boxers?

A. It was used by the Late Bruce Lee ( That alone should shut you up. Just kidding haha.)
B. The Straight Lead Punch(when thrown properly) is meant to be the shortest distance between yourself and your opponent.
C. It has insane power and speed for a lead punch.
D. It can be thrown as an intercepting(counter-attack) punch before, during and after.(Versatility) - Which also leads to the name of JeetKuneDo(Intercepting Fist)

So what EXACTLY is the Straight Lead Punch?
Exactly as the description says.A straight punch from your lead hand using a Vertical fist(which I will elaborate more on at the next part)

The history of the Straight Lead punch
I finally understand that although Bruce Lee did Wing Chun as a base art, the Straight Lead Punch which everyone(within my social circle) thought was 100% ripped off Wing Chun is actually NOT(yes I do mean NOT) solely from Wing Chun(sorry wingchun nuthuggers erm i mean enthusiasts, no offence here) .

Straight from the legendary mouth of his excellency Sifu Ted Wong(Private student of the late B.L) , he claims that Bruce Lee showed him a photo of Jack Dempsey( http://www.cmgww.com/sports/dempsey/index.php ) doing a vertical punch, yup you did not read wrong a boxer doing a VERTICAL punch which means knuckles lined from top-down and not left-right.
What more, The Straight Lead Punch found its way from how fencers attack. Yes, with a forward launch to impale the opponent(which is also the goal of the SL punch). The Straight Lead at a mastery level can be said to be the end to 'ALL' conflicts as all you need is one punch to end it all like that of the legendary '1 punch 1 kill' late Soke of Kyokushin Kai, Mas Oyama.

Okay thats all, Im done/finished/tired of typing.
So are you guys interested in the Monstrocity of The Straight Lead Punch yet?

To cut the crap, this last review should help you decide.

Still undecided? Fear Not The Humpjutsu Soke has 3 options for you :

1. The book nerd:
You wait not and get this really good book from here!

2. The book hater:
Come down to IJKD trainings held by Sifu Mark Stewart at Toa Payoh Safra on:
Mondays (8-9pm)

3. The M.A enthusiast( like me! like me!):
Get them both lor.

-The End-

Hope to see you guys there or hear some comments from you here.


Soke GabE,
Humpjutsu 10th Dan

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The lil kid that lives in us all - Childish behaviour

This is my first post( yes we can all see that cant we...) In case you all don't know my blog title is inspired from my darling who has supported me thus far. Spot the uncanny similarities?
Love you darling! Piak piak! ;)

Anyway I shall start with my boring intro of the day...

Today I would like to share about <*INPUT TITLE HERE*> that unfolded in my martial life blah blah blah....

We all know that a kid lives in all of us. However, sometimes that little 'kid' (No im not referring to your lil spankie) overtakes our mind and body coupled with greed, lust for power, social attention and perhaps even fantasy role play.

Then the terrible phase arrives. Evolution. Yes, I do mean evolution. Our lil kid(no not lil spankie again) evolves into the power hungry monster and arrives in his/her fantasy land(which I shall refer to as the Monstrous Realm from now on) where the great Epic Battle Of the Lil kid monsters exist...and I do mean realtime battle with monster ninjas/warriors and spies running around like a RPG.

Guess what? The most exciting part comes in here. Unlike Maple story(no thanks no maple syrup with my pancakes please) you do not have to select roles. Your lil monster kid that lives deep within arises on its own and acquires the role he feels he is. Be it, Soke of humpjutsu(yours truly) , Gang Leader or even Clan Servant Dog(ouch sounds offending). So then, what is this lil monster battle your lil monster kid is engaging in?

Ahh, *pulls beard* nothing but the usual ....

1. Fight for Leadership( "All of you shall regroup n follow me")
2. Fight for Recognition(as big boss or not)
3. Fight for Social Acceptance(my frens must believe my stories...NOT!)
5. Backstabbing duels(again for the 4 above reasons)
6. Moi h8 euuu Moi dun wann to fwenn eeuu animoreee (pun intended)

.... yadayadayada the usual kids stuff we used to role play in the kindergartens way back then when our creative juices(uncontaminated by the Evil MOE Composition formats) reigned over our erm...love juices?

Perhaps you guys dont understand what all this ranter is about, but my dear close friends choosing(and trying hard) not to be involved in the political wars of martial arts(oops i revealed it?). I believe you all understand what im getting at. Yes, this Poltical wars refer to the CHILDISH wars Martial Artists are fighting here locally. Its really hard not to get involved in the Epic battle of lil monsters...as I recently found out unfortunately.

Anyway as you all know, researching and studying the lil Monster wars(a.k.a kaypoism) has always been my hobby and interest. STOP! Before you go on about how wrong it is to poke noses blah blah blah... Let me explain. The lil monsters frm Monster Realm Cable Vision(MRCV in short) have put in great pain and effort in fighting("Play acting") for us to enjoy. So why not sit back relax and laugh at it right? Lets just take it as a history lesson that is going on in the Present and not the Past(aiyah you know lah...Romance of the Three Kingdoms, liubei and all) .

Still dont understand? Let me then share with you a quote that has stuck by me for some time now... :

"Train hard FUCK the Politics Lah!"

This has stuck by me alot and I choose to abide by it no matter how hard it is... and I now make an oath to do so. So a word of advise from the 'Soke' , all of those who are within my closest Martial realm brothers, lets all just erm do what we do best... "FUCK the Politics Lah" and train hard from now on. =)

Well, thats all I have to say for this post. Now to start on the well-needed training which has been neglected in the past month. Hope that I, Soke Gabe have enlightened you thus far.

Disclaimer! Any resemblence and uncanny similarities to real life incidents that may have occured is NOT purely Coincidental and any emotional distraught caused by the indiscreet use of vulgarities are to be accepted by the Reader unconditionally. The Humpjutsu Soke shall not be held responsible in anyway legally or illegally. The Humpjutsu Soke(with the help of his buddies) reserves the right to hump any Infidels who dare approach him in regards to this irresponsible post.