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"Praise be to the LORD my Rock, who trains my hands for war, my fingers for battle... who subdues people under me." - Psalms 144:1-3

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Win some, lose some

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late post once again, was away at chalet for my 1yr Anniversary Celebrations. Anyway I lost this match, but I'll be back for more. This time better! Interestingly, i was rather composed and not as nervous as before. But I felt alot more reserved during the fight and wouldnt do things that I usually do during sparring. I almost froze up and fought like a machine.


Have to learn and practise working the clinch man!
Gotta work on my heart, endurance and fitness level!
Less telegraphy on the punches
Train my legs hard enough to be comfortable throwing kicks!
Have to start on explosive strength training
As Sean summed it up nicely, Back to the strategic drawing boards for next time round.

Ok less talk more action right guys?

Heres the match:

Im the one in blue who ate alot of knees.

Enjoy and as usual, Constructive Criticism is encouraged!

Special Thanks to the following people for making it happen,

Gyms and teams:
  • Combat Academy
  • IJKD
  • Team Fortitude
  • Lanna Muaythai and AMA(S) for sanctioning this event

  1. Zamri for encouraging and motivating
  2. Kadir for his interesting theories and notable "100metre finger judgement theory"
  3. Sascha Soliano for allowing me to train with Combat Academy
  4. David Alexis for initially helping to develop my punching power and timing
  5. Mark Stewart for his introduction of JKD and combative sports
  6. Aaron "The Ghost" Fisher for his constant pushing in particular, "SUCK IT UP! YOU'RE NOT GONNA QUIT ON ME ARE YOU?"
  7. Sean "Big Drunk Prawn" Chia and the rest of the guys at TF who helped with my training
  8. All those that trained/sparred with me to help prepare me for the competition
  9. Betram, Sing, Evans, Zul, Pet and the rest who were there to support me
  10. My beloved girl who did not tell on me and encouraged me
  11. Everybody who gave me words of encouragement by phone
  12. My opponent who gave me a good fight and no injuries to explain for during CNY visiting

    Lastly, to whoever I may have missed out that deserve my sincere "Thank you"


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