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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Launch of Zeal FightGear

Here it is,

The much anticipated birth of www.ZealFightGear.com - The REAL DEAL!

Tired of having to bo pian go to certain shops because there is no other choice?

Tired of buying overpriced training equipment/uniforms that rip on the 3rd training session?

Quality Thai Leather products with Lower cost than Twins/Fairtex/Thaismai/Windy!

Finally some Martial Zealots decided to fight for their cause against the tyrants of L**** S*** and T*** F*** to bring to you:


Quality products at their Actual price-worth!
FightGear/FightWear/Fight Equip.

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RE: Tony Bonello Seminar

Btw... if youre wondering what went on during the seminar? Let me tell you....



I'm never gonna reveal t3h deadly secrets! LOL

MMA and Tony Bonello!

Alot of ppl are jumping into the MMA bandwagon and MMA is getting more popular! This is good news! Especially after today's Channel 5 feature on the sport of MMA featuring the Contact Kinetics Gym, I believe there will definitely be tons of ppl who will be joining MMA. Soon there will be a huge growth in the sport and the Market shall be big!

KOTC is confirmed in 30Nov and I am proud to have been at the recent KOTC Tryouts(as a spectator though wont be participating till nxt year). The event saw MMA practitioners mainly from Contact Kinetics and MMA Academy and one ninjado practitioner from Kagega-ryu Ninjado. It was quite disappointing that out of the approximate 3 main gyms practising MMA in Singapore, only 2 took part in the competition. I hope that the market for MMA will grow and more gyms will pop up in the near future.

Anyway, I WAS AT THE SEMINAR WITH TONY BONELLO! I cant believe I actually got to talk to him in person. Not much but still did! haha. Dont Believe?

Here Photo proof:
Me, Tony Bonello, Sean

So who is this Tony bonello fella im so eager to talk about?

Not just any fella! He is the KOTC international 3x champion!
He has trained(and stayed) with the likes of Mario Sperry(vale tudo/mma/bjj), Roberto 'Hands Of Stone" Duran(boxing) and many more Famous champs throughout the world!

This guy is not only skilled, he has hell of a big heart. As some of you probably know, I saved $$ like crazy to afford the seminar which cost $100 and was preparing to be broke after the seminar. Guess what? After the seminar there was a pleasant surprise!


Tony explained that there was a misunderstanding, he came to Singapore for fun and to see our martial arts scene not to earn $$ he just wants to help wherever he can. He then proceeded to refund us our $100! We could all see the grins on everybody's faces.. GOOD DEAL INDEED!